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Give Dodd’s Sporting Good’s a chancs.
Ronnie Dodd @ Dodd’s Sporting Goods has been buy guns for over 40+ years. Dodd’s specializes in all of the Leading  Manufactures, Colt, Kimber, Winchester, Browning, Smith & Wesson, Ruger.  Pre 64 & Pre War Era.  Interested in selling (1) gun or whole estates or collections Dodd’s would be your one stop. Dodd’s buys high grade gun collection, We will do a appraisal of your collection, and if you are wanting to sell. We will make you a cash offer for the collection.

Trade Policy
Dodd’s accepts trades on new or used guns. Dodd’s only trade on guns that are no longer in production or Higher grade of Firearms. If you have something that is still in production, or that is a standard run of the mill. More then likely Dodd’s won’t be interested in trade. Dodd’s currently not taking trades or buying  30-06, .270 or 12ga.

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